Regular Cleaning

Spa surfaces should be cleaned regularly to remove build-up. ​ Dirt, oil and even bacteria can accumulate at the waterline, looking like a bathtub ring. ​ Regular cleaning of the spa surfaces preserves the surfaces so the whole spa environment looks and feels better.

What You Need to Do

  • Brush and vacuum the spa.
  • If you have a skimmer basket, empty it once or twice a week.
  • Clean the oily ring that forms at the waterline using Spa Essentials® Surface Cleaner. ​ Surface Cleaner breaks up the oils and debris at the waterline so you can easily wipe the surface clean. ​ A sponge or soft cloth is ideal for using Surface Cleaner. ​ And don't worry because Surface Cleaner is totally compatible with your spa's water chemistry.
  • Prevent waterline build-up with Spa Essentials Enzyme Cleaner. ​ This natural product adds enzymes to the water that digest most oils and eliminates them from the water. ​ Add 1 oz. or four capfuls of Enzyme Cleaner to your spa water weekly for every 100 gallons. ​ Enzyme Cleaner will prevent waterline build-up, help keep your filter clean, and prevent foaming.

Draining and Refilling

Regular draining and refilling is a normal part of spa maintenance. ​ Over time, the spa water will absorb dissolved minerals, chemicals and other material. ​ This material may make the water cloudy and irritating, indicating it's time to "start fresh."

How often you should drain and refill your spa depends on how often you use it. ​ With an average use of 2 - 3 times per week, you should drain and replace your spa water every 2 - 3 months. ​ If you use your spa more often, you may need to do this sooner.

How to Drain and Refill

  • Drain the spa water. ​ Check your owner's manual for information.
  • Clean all spa surfaces with Spa Essentials Surface Cleaner.
  • Refill the spa with fresh water.
  • Test the spa water and rebalance if needed. ​ See the Spa Water Start-Up page for additional information.

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